Can supplements prevent dementia?

Can supplements prevent dementia?

Dementia is a terrible disease. If you have a loved one fighting against dementia, you want to spare them as much as possible. As for yourself, you want to make sure you take preventive steps against this disease. However, not everyone has such good intentions and will actually prey on your desire to protect yourself and those you love as a marketing scheme.

This was the case with supplements for dementia. Marketed under deceptive names such as Cogni-Flex and Mind Ignite, companies pushed pills, oils, and capsules onto consumers and convinced them that these supplements didn’t just support brain health but worked like Alzheimer’s drugs.

Claiming to be a natural cure for dementia, these supplements lacked one thing: results. Evaluated by physicians and neurology experts, it was soon discovered that these products could not possibly live up to their claims and would not even delay the symptoms of dementia. According to scientists, no matter how natural or how many nutrients a supplement may have, it does not prevent dementia.

Taking the right steps

What can you do to lower your risk for Alzheimer’s? The answer is not simply taking a much-hyped supplement. After much study and analysis, scientific experts and researchers conceded that there are three interventions that are valuable when combating dementia:

  1. Increased physical activity: an active lifestyle goes a long way to keeping you mentally and physically acute; just by adding some exercise to your daily routine, you will significantly lower your risk for dementia.
  2. Blood pressure management: recommended for people with hypertension, low blood pressure is especially important during the midlife years.
  3. Cognitive training: since dementia attacks your memory, mind games are a way for your brain to strengthen and retain memory, even when aging.

Winning the battle

If you have a family history of dementia, you already have a higher risk than most of also developing the condition. Don’t make light of that fact — be proactive. Incorporating the above mentioned interventions into you daily life will not only help to prevent dementia in the future but will also give you a better quality of life in the present.

Treat your body right by staying active and by being conscientious about the nutrients you are consuming. If you are reluctant to exercise due to weak muscles and joints, fortify them by taking supplements that have been proven to help strengthen them.

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