SuperSea Plus

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SuperSea Plus provides a terrific energy and strength boost in an elixir with a hard-to-find light cherry taste. SuperSea Plus was developed to provide much of the nutrition your body needs in just a one-ounce serving per day.

What’s in SuperSea Plus?

A blend of the most potent combination of superfoods that provide antioxidants, which are the body’s major defense against free radicals and oxidative stress; and amino acids, which are essential to the body to grow building blocks of protein in our daily lives. Some of the superfoods present are:

Acai Berry: A rare berry found in the rainforest that has one of the highest ORAC values of antioxidants. Acai tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate.

Pomegranate: A fruit that has higher antioxidant capabilities than red wine and green tea. It may also help with prostate health and absorption of bad cholesterol.

Sea Vegetables: A rich source of Iodine and B vitamins along with other valuable minerals and trace elements from notable plants including Agar, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Bladderwrack.

Nopal: Made from the young stem segments of the prickly pear, is rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, C, K, riboflavin, B6, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron, and copper. It is also a good source of fiber, and may contribute to a reduction of glycemic levels.

Cranberry: In addition to their well known use to help promote urinary tract function, the cranberry is also reported to be a powerful antioxidant with on-going research for possible anticancer properties.

Aloe Vera: An herb found to contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and mono- and polysaccharides, may help with wound healing, skin burns, internal healing, cholesterol reduction, and stimulating phagocytosis and formation of antibodies.

Mangosteen: This hard-to-come-by fruit may be an incredible source of xanthones, containing over 20 out of the about 200 known, and may be an excellent source of antioxidants.