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Clear Gum | Cinnamon 2-Pack


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The same all-natural histamine blocker you love, now in gum form!

Sweetened with Stevia leaf extract.

Two Bottles of Cinnamon Gum | 30 count per bottle

Clear Gum is:

  • Fast-acting. Helps maintain healthy histamine levels in less than 15 minutes.
  • Family friendly. Kindergarteners, grandparents, and everyone in between can enjoy.
  • Ready when you are. Chew a piece of gum any time, anywhere. One dose generally lasts 2 hours.

Suggested Use:

Chew 1 to 2 pieces of gum as needed. Maximum 6 doses per day.


Cruelty Free

No Artificial Colors

How It Works

Clear Gum features the same raw ingredient found in our Clear™ chewable tablets that so many of you love. The active ingredient, quail egg powder, has global recognition and developed rave reviews because of its scientifically-proven abilities to help maintain healthy histamine levels.

In the 1970’s, French physician Dr. G. Bruttmann noticed that quail egg farmers were not affected by seasonal irritation. Upon investigation, his theory that quail eggs were a natural support for those with seasonal histamine sensitivity was confirmed. This has led to decades of research and the perfection of blends, like our EZClear™ proprietary common quail egg blend. Vibrant Nutraceuticals parent company, The GHT Companies, is the exclusive source in the US for this unique quail egg blend.

Clear Gum Is Also Available In These Delicious Flavors

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