Our Process

Quality and innovation are second nature to us

At Vibrant Nutraceuticals, quality is in our DNA. We thoroughly examine each raw ingredient and fully-vet each final product, adhering to the guidelines of some of the toughest regulatory authorities in the world – including our fellow Vibrant employees and their families!

1. First Audit

It starts with ensuring the quality of the raw ingredients we use in each formulation. Our team performs an initial audit to guarantee that only the best raw materials reach our facilities before moving forward to production.

2. Pre-Formulation Review

No sub-par ingredient gets past us! The raw ingredients that pass our first audit are delivered to our controlled facility and examined on-site a second time. The ingredients that meet our rigorous standards are greenlit for production.

3. Product Formulation

Our in-house science team and our partnerships with other industry leaders yield some of the most innovative formulations. We are always at the cutting edge of the supplement industry, and our connections help us stay that way!

4. Production Prep

It’s hard to believe, but not all vitamin manufacturers adhere to the same strict sanitation standards. For us, cleanliness is key. Our entire production line is sanitized before production and throughout the process.

5. Intermittent Testing

Whether production occurs in our facility in Vista, California or on location at one of our other manufacturing partners across the county, our in-house science team oversees the entire process, testing for quality each step of the way.

6. Final Review

We inspect all of our products one final time for quality, efficacy, and uniformity. You can always trust that the products you receive are rigorously checked to ensure that they are properly formulated, packaged, and labeled.

Our entire manufacturing process happens under the watchful eye of our in-house science team, and we maintain precise standards every step of the way. When you purchase a Vibrant Nutraceuticals product, you can be certain that you’re purchasing the best.

You’ve learned about our process, now check out the final result.