4 Tips to Improve Joint Health

At every age, it is important to do what we can to keep our joints functioning in top shape. Whether that means taking preventative measures and building healthy habits or combating already-existing problems, maintaining a healthy body starts here. For the proper promotion of joint health, here are 4 of our best tips.

Strengthen Your Bones

While joints and ligaments are not bones themselves, they are directly connected to bones all over your body. Bone strength is essential to maintaining holistic bodily health, and if your bones are not getting enough nutrients, they can lead to weakened joints as well. Incorporating vitamin D, vitamin C and Calcium into your routine can help to build strong bones and strong joints.  

Stop Smoking

Did you know that smoking impacts your body in more ways than one? Many people are aware of smoking’s adverse effects on the lungs, but this habit also increases the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures and makes you more susceptible to injuries involving the joints such as tendonitis. Cutting out smoking can help you improve your joint and bone health. 

Get Moving More

One of the best ways to improve joint health is to get moving. Like any part of your body, exercising your joints can help strengthen them, improve their mobility, and extend the longevity of their healthy functioning. If you suffer from joint pain, low impact exercising like swimming or biking can be a good place to start. For more athletic individuals, running and HIIT exercises can be great for improving joint health.

Improve Your Diet

Your diet has major impacts on all aspects of your body, joints included. Eating a healthy diet promotes healthy joint function and can keep you functioning in optimal shape. We recommend eating a hearty variety of fruits and vegetables and using supplements to fill in any dietary gaps that may exist. Improving your diet can lead to significantly better joint health long-term.

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