4 Ways To Introduce Supplements To Your Kids

As adults, we understand the importance of using supplements to enhance our diets and provide us with a holistic approach to health. 

But how do you know if your kids should be doing the same? 

Introducing supplements to children has been a long-discussed topic. At what age should parents introduce them? Which supplements should they be taking? 

There are many questions to be answered surrounding this topic, but one thing is for certain – kids should be taking supplements too. To start them on the right track, here are four ways to introduce supplements to your kids.

Teach Them the ABCs

A fun and simple way to teach kids about supplements is to rope in topics they already know and understand. Essential vitamins are named after letters of the alphabet – A, B, C, etc. – and children are very familiar with this concept. Use the “ABCs” to teach your little ones about different types of vitamins and supplements, and use fun letter associations to encourage them to take the vitamins they need in their diet.

Turn It Into a Game

Taking vitamins can also be a game. Incorporate supplements in an exciting way by turning your children’s daily vitamin time into a fun interactive activity. Have them play a game of hide-and-seek to find the vitamins, create fun trivia they must answer to get their vitamin, or offer it as a prize after they finish their meal. When you act like vitamins are fun, your kids will think so too! 

Incorporate Them Gradually

If your children don’t have any familiarity with supplements, but you believe they are ready to start taking vitamins, incorporating them gradually is the way to go. Start talking to your little ones about why vitamins are good for them before you start encouraging them to take some. With kids, getting them excited about taking supplements before they actually do so is the best way to set them up to want to take them for years after you ask them.

Choose Supplements That Taste Good

The most important factor in introducing supplements to your kids is choosing ones that taste good. Regardless of the steps you take to excite kids about supplements, if they don’t taste good, your efforts may not be effective. Vibrant Nutraceuticals produces naturally-flavored, delicious supplements of all kinds that will help keep your kids excited about nutrition.

Vibrant Nutraceuticals is committed to providing holistic health to every member of your family. With a quality-driven approach and a community-first mentality, our product line is curated to meet any and every supplemental need.  Learn more about our kid-friendly, flavored supplement offerings on our products page.