What role enzymes play in your immune system

Systemic enzymes are specific types of proteins that are found in every cell of the human body. They act as catalysts to spark the chemical reactions required in basic biological processes, such as breathing, heart rate, and metabolism. “The different systems in our bodies, including our cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems, would not be able to function without the support of these enzymes.1

The specific benefits systemic enzymes provide to your immune system are defense against inflammation, fighting infection, modulating the immune system (which helps prevent an out-of-control immune response that is characteristic of autoimmune disorders) and cleansing the blood of cellular waste. 

Systemic enzymes and viruses

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When you’re exposed to a pathogen, like a virus, it gets into cells in your body and starts replicating. Viruses themselves are not alive, so they hijack the machinery of a human cell in order to reproduce. Eventually, the viral load within the cell becomes so high it bursts, freeing particles to infect other cells. This process can happen extremely quickly, which is why you might feel just fine one day and terrible the next. 

When your immune system is working properly, it produces antibodies, which are proteins that bind to the viral particles and prevent them from attaching to new cells. Systemic enzymes are able to recognize and inactivate the invading viral particles, thus inhibiting their ability to replicate.

What about the coronavirus?

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The big question on many people’s minds today is whether there is anything they can do to help their body fight off COVID-19 if they were to come in contact with the virus. The best defense is offense, which begins with taking good care of your body and limiting your exposure to others who may be infected.

Eating a healthy diet, managing stress, staying active — these are all concrete things you can do now to help protect yourself.

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