Two exercises to improve flexibility

You probably already know that exercising is important for your overall well being. The benefits of balancing weight training with cardio is common knowledge, but the one thing you probably skimp on during your time at the gym is stretching.

Stretches and exercises designed to improve flexibility play a critical role in keeping your physique in tip-top shape. Studies have shown that taking time to stretch before and after workouts can not only lower your risk for after-workout pain or possible injuries, but it can counteract aging by keeping joints strong and flexible.

Better yet, if you are still suffering from previous injuries, exercises for flexibility will accelerate your body’s healing process and help you regain full range of motion in your joints post-injury.

Where to start       

The first step in using stretching to improve flexibility is to have a couple of go-to exercises to start your gym session. Two of the simplest and easiest stretches are shoulder rolls and the cat stretch.

Shoulder rolls are relatively simple. First, stand up straight with your arms hanging loosely and relaxed. Next, roll your shoulders up, back and down, turning your thumbs forward as you start to move. As you finish each shoulder roll, your palms should be pointing forward with your elbows slightly bent. The final step is doing the exact same movements, just in reverse. Repeat as often as needed to feel relaxed.

The cat stretch is a bit more involved. You’ll have to get down on all fours, using a blanket to cushion your knees. Position your wrists slightly forward from your shoulders, but keeping your knees directly below your hips. Then, inhale slowly so that you draw your chest up and forward while allowing your spine to sink down to the ground. Finally, deliberately exhale and arch your back upwards, but keep your neck relaxed. Repeat this process five times, continuously breathing in and out as you move.

These two stretches can be easily incorporated into any workout, and you’ll certainly benefit from them. Yet perhaps the most important tip to remember is to dedicate time for exercising daily so that your body will reap all the possible benefits.

Enhance your exercise

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