Apple Pectin Supplements: 5 Big Benefits you could see 

Are you looking for a natural supplement that offers a variety of health benefits with virtually no side effects? If so, you should be taking apple pectin supplements. Pectin is a prebiotic fiber found in the cell walls of plants including apples and citrus fruits. But what are the benefits of apple pectin for you?

Pectin promotes gut health, lower cholesterol, and helps control blood sugar levels. It stimulates the growth of helpful bacteria and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, helping to prevent gut and metabolic disorders.1 The effects of pectin on your gut microbiota can actually support maintaining a healthy weight as well. So, if you’re seeking an all-natural way to maintain your body’s balance, look no further than apple pectin supplements.

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Apple Pectin Supplement Benefits 

1) Can promote good gut health

Apple pectin supplements have been shown to strengthen the gut barrier and promote the growth of healthy bacteria that keeps you protected. Pectin also helps decrease the growth of harmful bacteria that threatens the delicate balance of your gut health.

2) May help with maintaining a healthy weight

Pectin is also linked to decreased weight gain and fat development. By altering the gut microbiota, pectin slows digestion which makes you feel fuller for longer. Studies of apple pectin have indicated that pectin supplements can reduce some the negative effects of a high fat diet, including inflammation and hyperglycemia.1

3) Can strengthen hair and skin

You may have noticed pectin on the ingredients list of your cosmetics, and that is due to its effect on skin and hair. Pectin is considered anti-aging and slows the degeneration of skin and hair cells.2

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4) May help manage blood sugar 

Whole fruits are a healthy option for anyone hoping to lower their blood sugar, but apple pectin benefits have been shown to be especially effective for blood sugar management.

5) Can boost heart health

Consumption of apple pectin has been associated with improved cardiovascular health. Pectin reduces the levels of cholesterol absorption in the body, lowering cholesterol levels. It has also been shown to affect rates of coronary mortality in women.3

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Adding Apple Pectin to Your Diet

Convinced of the benefits of apple pectin? Now it’s time to go about adding apple pectin to your diet. Apple pectin can, of course, be consumed through whole apples, but there are also a range of supplements with apple pectin. 

Clarifiber – liquid fiber supplement is one of the best probiotic supplements made with apple pectin. Not only does it help preserve digestive health, but Clarifiber is made specifically to interact with probiotic supplements and enhance their effectiveness. If you’re concerned about intestinal health, use Clarifiber to help keep your gut healthy, happy, and strong.



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