Healthy Anti-Inflammatory dietary supplements for pain relief

Chronic pain is all too common in today’s population. It’s estimated that over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, fibromyalgia, or as the result of disease or traumatic injury. Chronic pain can have a serious and lasting effect on the quality of your life and can make it very difficult to manage from day to day.

One way to help reduce the inflammation that results in chronic pain is to follow a diet of foods that help control inflammation — whole foods such fruits, vegetables and whole grains vs. processed foods. Foods that are higher in saturated and trans fats should be avoided as they can cause an increase in the inflammatory response.

In addition to your diet, it’s important to consider adding healthy, anti-inflammatory dietary supplements to your daily routine. Vibrant Nutraceuticals Active Systemic Enzymes is a natural, organic, anti-inflammatory option for pain relief. ASE is a unique combination of enzymes that work together to, not only act quickly to relieve pain, but also have the potential to help reduce cholesterol levels, boost the response of your immune system, and support a healthy heart.

Peptizyme, Bromelain & More

ASE is a proprietary blend of six ingredients which work in concert to provide natural pain control and inflammation. Peptizyme is a purified enzyme that acts as an anti-inflammatory for your sinuses as well as reducing post-surgical and external wound swelling.

Bromelain, a mixture of protein digesting enzymes found in pineapples, has been used for hundreds of years in both Central and South America to reduce inflammation and treat indigestion as well. It is especially effective in reducing inflammation resulting from infection and injuries.

Papain is an enzyme derived from the papaya and, like bromelain, helps to reduce swelling and may help to promote healthy digestion and reduce the incidence of ulcers.

Amla, or Indian Gooseberry, is known to have many healthy benefits including acting as an antioxidant to prevent free radical damage, as a digestive aid, promotes healthy hair and skin, and is used to relieve the pain from menstrual cramps.

Rutin is a type of bioflavonoid which is found in many citrus fruits, black tea, buckwheat bran, and the skins of some apples. It aids in the strengthening of blood vessels and other connective tissue, and it’s thought to also function as an anti-inflammatory,

NattoSeb is a powerful proteolytic enzyme, nattokinase, that is produced from soy and has been shown to be very effective for cardiovascular support and may also offer relief from joint swelling.

What it means for you

If you are looking for a healthy anti-inflammatory supplement, consider Vibrant Nutraceuticals Active Systemic Enzymes. Made from all natural ingredients, it is a safe and effective option for relieving pain and inflammation with no side effects.

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