Energize more than your body

Energy drinks have become a multi-billion dollar industry and have attained global popularity despite some of the growing concerns over energy drink side effects. If consumed in moderation, most individuals will experience no adverse side effects from drinking an energy drink. The popularity of these drinks can be attributed to their positive side effects which include alertness and increased productivity, faster recovery times from exercise, convenience, and fast caffeine delivery.

Some of the negative effects that have been attributed to this class of beverages are primarily cardiovascular and neurological in nature — palpitations, agitation, tremors, chest pain. These side effects are most likely the result of consuming too many energy drinks over a short period of time which could lead to ingesting a dangerous level of caffeine. The Journal of of Food Science recommends consuming no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

So, if you’re considering trying an energy drink for the first time or switching to a new one, you really need to do your homework because the types of ingredients and the amounts in these products can vary vastly from one brand to another. Vibrant Nutraceutricals’ RuckPack Energizer 3oz Energy Nootropic shot is one of the best energy shots for you.

Unlike other energy drinks, the RuckPack Energizer consists of natural flavors and sweeteners plus 120 mg of natural caffeine derived from green tea which is well-within the recommended daily amount of caffeine. Loaded with essential vitamins and natural energy boosters, Ruck Pack Energizer helps to support and maintain lasting energy and core wellness.

Enhance your brain!

The RuckPack products not only provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to give you that much-needed energy boost, to help you focus on achieving your workout goals, or to give you that casual energy boost to help you get through your busy day, but are also brain enhancing energy drinks. Our all-natural shot is a blend of safe and natural ingredients working together to improve your mood and motivation, increase brain activity and cognitive functioning.

RuckPack products feature the amino acids tyrosine, taurine, and theanine plus only the highest quality choline, Alpha GPC. These brain-enhancing ingredients are known as “nootropics” and work together to improve memory and cognitive function.

Enjoy the taste

Whether you’re looking to increase your energy before you workout, achieve a faster post-exercise recovery, or a brain enhancer to help improve your academic or professional performance, Vibrant’s RuckPack products have been formulated to provide you with the necessary performance fuels and supplemental nutrients in the best energy shot flavors.

Enjoy the flavor of our strawberry flavored energy shot, RuckPack Strawberry Assault, featuring RuckPack’s Muscle Maintenance Blend and SmartMuscleTM Science.