Easy calcium consumption for vegan

One of the aspects of becoming a vegan is that you no longer eat dairy products. A common concern is, if you’re not eating dairy, how can you get the recommended amount of calcium every day? The reality is that, while most people are aware of the presence of calcium in milk-based products, there are many other foods that are also rich sources of this mineral.

Calcium can be found in vegetables and fruits, for example. When eating a vegan diet, you should be getting plenty of servings of each. A general guideline would be to consume two or three servings of vegetables or fruits that are identified as high in calcium at each meal. Supplements are another way to help get a daily dose of calcium.

Sources of calcium

Some of the plant-based foods that contain calcium include vegetables like kale, collard greens, broccoli, artichokes, and raw fennel. From the legume group, navy beans, tempeh, and Great Northern beans are also a good source. You can even find calcium in sweet, delicious fruits such as dates, dried apricots, figs, blackberries, and oranges. Finally, consider spreading almond butter on your whole grain toast in the morning. One tablespoon contains 56 mg of calcium.

There are also certain foods like orange juice that can be fortified with calcium. In terms of supplements that contain calcium for vegans, keep in mind that Vitamin D3 helps with calcium absorption into the body. Whether you’re getting calcium from a supplement or food, think about pairing it with D3 to support good bone health.

Make it easy

Choosing to eat vegan can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Because you are going to be foregoing certain food groups, however, it’s important to make sure you get the proper nutrients to support you body. Eating plant-sourced foods or fortified foods high in calcium and taking a supplement are all good ways to meet the recommended daily allowance.

Vibrant Nutraceuticals offers a variety of D3 supplements in different strengths and different delivery methods. Many find the D3 oral spray, which can be sprayed into your mouth or onto food, to be one of the easiest ways to get this vital nutrient. Try adding a spray to a calcium rich food for a nutritious boost.