How to remedy chronic constipation for kids

As adults, we’re generally familiar with our regular schedule in terms of bowel movements and know pretty quickly when something doesn’t feel right. As parents, it’s harder to spot chronic constipation in kids. When determining what is normal, keep in mind that it varies. Some kids may go several times a day, while others may only go once every few days. But, if the number of days between your child’s bowel movements starts to stretch out, there may be cause for concern.

There are several different reasons for constipation in kids, including health issues or gastrointestinal disorders. The first step to determining the cause of your child’s problem is to rule out these more serious concerns by speaking with your pediatrician. Aside from medical issues, kids can become constipated due to a low fiber diet, taking medication, or holding in their stool. Remedies include trying to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables your child eats and encouraging them to use the restroom as often as needed.

Natural treatments that work

As parents, however, we all know how difficult it is to get our kids to eat the appropriate number of servings of high fiber foods every day. If this is the case with your little one, you may want to consider fiber supplements for kids. Vibrant Nutraceuticals has developed a ready to use liquid fiber called Yummy Fiber which is clear with a light fruit flavor. It can be added into any food or liquid and has a smooth, undetectable consistency.

Chronic constipation in kids is an all too common a problem that has many parents racking their brains for answers. All natural supplements, such as Yummy Fiber, are easy and effective to use and can have everyone feeling more comfortable in no time.

Finding the right remedy for your child

When looking for a remedy for chronic constipation in kids, start with the obvious. Look at their total diet. Are they getting enough foods rich in fiber? How about activity levels? Kids, just like adults, function better when they’re getting exercise. Finally, consider adding healthy supplements to their everyday routine to keep their digestive tracts healthy and regular.