D3-K2: The dynamic duo

We’re living through a global pandemic, something few of us have ever experienced. Though infectious disease doctors, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies around the world are all working hard to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus, it will likely be some time before it is ready for use. “It usually takes two years to bring a new drug to market, even after large clinical trials are underway.”1 

In the meantime, we can protect ourselves through safety measures such as wearing a face covering and social distancing when in public, and shoring up our immune systems to help protect against contracting the virus. Certain nutrients, such as Vitamin D3 are critical to this goal. Research points to a link between vitamin D deficiency and upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). A recent large cross-sectional study of the US population reported that vitamin D status is associated inversely with recent URTI.”2

More specifically, research has shown that vitamin D was particularly beneficial in helping people with upper respiratory infections. In light of the fact that the coronavirus specifically attacks the lungs, the authors of a recent study sought to discern whether vitamin D played a protective role against it. “In conclusion, we found significant relationships between vitamin D levels and the number of COVID-19 cases and especially the mortality caused by this infection.”3

Why you need D3 and K2 together

D3 and K2 are the only two essential vitamins that your body can produce on its own. Getting enough D3 requires spending time in the sunshine every day, and the rate of deficiency in the population is expanding, because most people don’t spend enough time outdoors to get an adequate amount of this essential nutrient. If you’re considering a D3 supplement, however, you should first understand the synergistic relationship with K2. 

Man getting blood pressure taken

Vitamin D3 plays an important role in helping the body absorb calcium, and vitamin K directs the calcium toward bones, rather than allowing it to build up in the blood. This is critical because, while getting calcium to the bones is necessary for bone density, allowing too much calcium to build up in the blood can lead to calcification of artery walls, which contributes to high blood pressure. 

A Dutch study looked at whether insufficient levels of vitamin D3 and K2 was associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. “The team concluded that the combination of low levels of both vitamins D and K led to increased systolic blood pressure and a greater risk of hypertension.”4 

The bottom line is that when combined, these two vitamins are vital to bone and cardiovascular health.

D3+K2 Spray Bottle

Protecting yourself from coronavirus

Now more than ever, your focus needs to be on getting an adequate supply of the essential nutrients you need for a healthy immune system. With a pandemic sickening millions of people across the globe, we must pay special attention to maintaining strong immune systems. 

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