Does Sleep Affect Your Health? Of Course it Does!

If you have trouble falling asleep or find yourself waking up frequently, you’ve probably noticed how much a bad night of sleep can affect you the next day. No matter how much coffee you drink, the effects of not sleeping well take a toll on both your mind and body. Sleep deprivation makes us more emotional, less focused, and more forgetful.1 

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are undeniable, so it’s important to make sleep a priority in your daily life. Since many of us are figuring out what to do with our newfound free time this summer, now is the perfect time to catch up on a little sleep. Here’s how you can develop a better relationship with your sleep schedule. 

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A Bad Night = A Bad Day

If you’ve ever felt too tired to drive, you’ve experienced how being fatigued can affect your decision making skills. Sleep disruption affects our cognition and makes us less attentive, more stressed, and can lead to performance deficits.

In addition to the negative effects on your mind, not getting enough sleep has negative effects on your body. Sleeping gives our body time to rest and recuperate, so sleep disturbances can take a toll on your immune system. Not only can sleep deprivation make you more susceptible to illness, but it can accelerate the onset of hypertension, metabolic disorders, and a host of additional issues in otherwise healthy people.2

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Even if you’re not sure how much sleep you need, your body will let you know if you’re not well rested. The effects of sleep deprivation on your mind and body are meant to let you know that something in your routine needs to change.

A Good Night = A Good Day

The benefits of good sleep for physical and mental health are impossible to ignore. From diabetes to heart disease, sleep plays a role in staving off a variety of common illnesses. If you’re concerned about weight loss, immunity, and quality of life, you should start by taking a good look at your sleep habits. Have you tried every trick in the book and still have trouble falling asleep? Try melatonin gummies to help you sleep better. Ditch the sleeping pills for a natural supplement designed to help you reset your body’s rhythm.


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