Foods that make you flexible

The human body relies on a mineral called silica to perform many important functions such as stabilizing bodily tissues, membranes, and arterial walls which help with the flexibility of muscles and joints. It’s also facilitates the absorption of calcium in order to build bones and helps to form collagen, the protein necessary for skin health. Silica, which is not produced in the body, must be consumed through diet or supplements.

Some of the foods that make you flexible because they can contain silica are organic leafy greens, cabbage, onions, asparagus, broccoli, and peppers. When these foods are grown organically, they absorb silica from the soil while they grow. Up until about 50 years ago, there was an abundant amount of silica in the soil which would then be present in vegetables. But pesticides and other factors associated with the farming process have significantly decreased the silica level in the soil.

In addition to consuming organically grown foods that help with flexibility, you can get this vital nutrient in dietary supplements.

How it works

Your bones are always shedding off old and creating new bone in a process known as regeneration. Both silica and calcium are essential to the bone-building process. Silica is required to produce the collagen matrix within bone into which calcium is deposited. Calcium alone can make bones harder, but silica makes it possible for them to be flexible. Flexibility is what prevents breakage. For example, when someone suffers from insignificant bone density, or osteoporosis, a simple fall can result in a broken bone.

In addition to silica and calcium, iron and vitamin B are important to building and maintaining strong bones. Iron plays an important role in collagen synthesis, and an adequate supply of vitamin B12 is required for the inception of bone-building cells called osteoclasts.

Getting closer to your goal, faster

One of the bests ways to stay comfortable as you age is to put time into increasing flexibility. Many people swear by yoga as a way to help with this issue, and it’s also important to make sure you’re eating foods for flexibility. When you make the decision to commit to a healthy lifestyle, however, it can frustrating when you don’t see results very quickly. Part of the reason behind this is a lack of nutrients in your body.

Silica Plus from Vibrant Nutraceuticals is designed to improve the level of silica in your body. Easily absorbed and made from all natural ingredients, this dietary supplement may be just what you need to improve the way you move.