Gelatin free vegan gummy supplements do exist

When you choose to eat a vegan diet, the number of food options that are available to you begins to dwindle. In some cases, this makes it difficult to get all of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain healthy. Specifically, many vegans are found to be deficient in vitamins B12 and D3. When buying supplements, however, you want to make sure they don’t contain any animal byproducts. Look for supplements for vegans that are made entirely from plant ingredients.

For example, many supplements contain gelatin. Gelatin is made from the cartilage and bones of animals and is very often used in the coating of supplements that you swallow as well as the chewable variety. If you prefer to take gummy supplements, read the label to verify that they are gelatin free gummy vitamins.

What makes them vegan?

This is a tricky question. Even though it should be easily discernible, you’ll find everything from “vegan friendly” to “adheres to vegetarian standards” on supplement packaging. Unfortunately, neither statement means that the product is 100% vegan, including being gelatin free.

Your best bet is to find a company like Vibrant Nutraceuticals that carries an entire line of vegan products, guaranteed to include no animal byproducts. Our Vitamin D3 and B12 gummy supplements contain 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 and 250 mcg of Vitamin B12. They’re made from organic, vegan sources, contain no gelatin, and provides an easily absorbed, full-day supply of these essential vitamins.

Get more D3 and B12

Every day, we’re being exposed to stressors like chemicals and pollutants, and it’s more important than ever to combat this by living a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ways to achieve this goal include getting plenty of exercise, adequate sleep, and eating as clean as possible. We also need to shoot for getting the recommended daily allowance of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need for optimal functioning.

At VN, we’ve worked hard to create supplements that are effective and healthy alternatives to those made with animal products. We make is easy for our customers by giving them the opportunity to order online as well providing fast shipping. And, best of all, our products are made from the highest quality vegan sources. Try our gelatin free gummy vitamins today, and get the important nutrients you need to feel your best.