Boost your kid’s health with supplements

It’s every parent’s goal to make sure they’re raising healthy kids. The work starts before babies are even born with moms taking prenatal vitamins and focusing on staying healthy during pregnancy. It continues during the process of raising them as we try our best to ensure our children have access to good medical care, stay active and eat a diet rich in nutrients. But, kids can run into some of the same digestive issues and vitamin deficiencies that adults do, despite all of our best efforts.

This is why Vibrant Nutraceuticals developed a line of natural, plant-based supplements designed specifically to maintain and improve your child’s health. Yummy Fiber and KidsLac, both made with high quality probiotics, promote a healthy digestive tract, which leads to better absorption of nutrients and boosts the immune system. Vegan D3 Spray and Vegiberries are dietary aids that ensure your child gets the appropriate nutrients to maintain good health and promote growth.

Fiber and probiotics: digestion aids

Let’s face it, as adults it’s an ongoing challenge to get the recommended 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Even the most determined of us often falls short of this goal. Kids are even more at risk due to their undeveloped palates, picky eating styles, and small portions. Not getting enough produce can lead to nutritional deficiencies, which is why we have developed a supplement to help. One Vegiberries capsule contains the antioxidants and nutrients equivalent to five servings of fruits and vegetables.

The other problem that often arises with kids is not getting enough fiber, which leads to difficulty with regularity. KidsLac contains a host of probiotics, or “good bacteria”, for kids that encourage a healthy gut. The result is fewer tummy aches and issues with constipation. Even more vital is the fact that the immune system works in concert with the digestive tract. A healthy gut means a healthy immune system.

Quality ingredients are critical

As parents, we know that everything our children put in their mouths is important. They need excellent nutrition to help their bodies grow and stay healthy. Supplements certainly help, but only if they’re of the finest quality. Vibrant Nutraceuticals uses vegan, plant-based ingredients to ensure your child is getting the best nutrition possible.

Concerned that your child is not getting the proper nutrients in his or her diet? Read more about how our supplements, combined with a healthy diet, can ensure that they do.