How much melatonin should you take?

Melatonin, a hormone naturally produced in the human body, plays a role in helping regulate your sleep/wake cycle. Your levels of the melatonin are lowest in the morning and begin to build up during the day. Peak production happens around 3:00 in the morning, and then sharply decreases before the sun comes up.

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When this process is working flawlessly, you feel awake and alert in the daytime and sleepy and relaxed at bedtime. However, there are a number of factors that might contribute to inadequate melatonin levels at night, which results in trouble sleeping. “Stress, smoking, exposure to too much light at night (including blue light), not getting enough natural light during the day, shift work, and aging all affect melatonin production.”1

If you’re experiencing difficulty with sleep, taking a controlled dosage melatonin supplement 90 minutes before bedtime for sleep can help regulate your body’s natural rhythms. How much melatonin should you take? The answer to this question varies and requires a bit of experimentation to find the number of mgs. per day that works best for you.

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Finding the right dosage of melatonin depends on many factors: the specific problem you’re trying to treat, your age, and weight. The general recommendation is to start small and increase the dose as needed to find an effective dosage.

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When using melatonin for good old-fashioned insomnia, a supplement like Vibrant Nutraceutical 5 mg melatonin gummies can do the trick: “For trouble falling asleep at a conventional bedtime (delayed sleep phase syndrome): 0.3 mg to 5 mg of melatonin daily for up to 9 months has been used.”2

When treating specific medical conditions with melatonin, including jet lag, endometriosis, sleep disturbance caused by blood pressure medication and blindness, the required dosage may be different. For people looking to treat one of these problems, a range of 1mg to 10mg may be appropriate.

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Finding the right amount of melatonin for sleep can be different for each person; therefore, it may take a little time and experimentation to pinpoint your perfect dosage. The good news is, our product is safe to take and is made from the highest grade ingredients. As a bonus, Vibrant Nutraceutical melatonin gummies taste delicious!

If you find yourself having trouble sleeping these days, instead of turning to prescription sleep medications, try natural melatonin gummies. 


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