Is there any truth to the phrase “Healthy Body, Healthy Mind”?

It’s no secret that health and wellness go together; people are concerned about their physical and mental health now more than ever. With many of us stuck indoors, taking care of your body is a little more difficult, but all the more important. 

For many people, mental health feels like a barrier to achieving their desired level of physical wellness. However, there is truth to the phrase “healthy body, healthy mind.” People struggling with physical health problems are more likely to have poor mental health as well. Maintaining your physical health can do wonders for your mental state. Here are some simple tips to improve both your health and mental wellness.1

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Exercise… everything

It probably won’t be surprising to hear that the key to a healthy body is exercise. Making sure to exercise daily is as crucial to physical health as it is to cultivating a healthy mind lifestyle. Just twenty minutes of physical exercise daily can help clear your mind, boost creativity, and improve your overall health.2

In addition to physical exercise, it is important to practice mental exercise as well. Engaging in fifteen minutes of meditation or mindfulness exercises daily can help reduce stress and improve concentration. Meditation also has a variety of physical benefits including increased metabolism, lower blood pressure, and improved brain activity.3

Intellectual and creative exploration are also key to a healthy mind. Keeping mentally active by doing puzzles, reading, or challenging yourself at a new skill will help preserve cognitive function.4The brain can atrophy like any other muscle, so it’s important to incorporate mental challenges and creative activities into your routine.  

Keeping your body healthy one supplement at a time

It’s hard to maintain a healthy mind without a healthy body. Sometimes we need a little help along the way. While there are no easy ways to get healthy, vitamin supplements can make the process a little more painless. 

Dietary supplements for whole health can help with mental and physical functions and are a great addition to any daily routine. When combined with regular exercise, supplements can take your health journey to the next level and leave you feeling more mentally and physically fit than before. 


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