Liquid fiber supplements that are safe for toddlers

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters, which often contributes to a lack of fiber in their diet. As a parent, you may be concerned with how to address constipation and other digestive problems that arise from your child’s refusal to eat a wide variety of foods. Yummy Fiber is a liquid dietary fiber supplement specifically designed to be safe for toddlers. It contains a whopping seven grams of fiber per tablespoon and is mildly fruit flavored.

Tired of fighting with your child at mealtime? It’s hard not to be concerned about what and how much your children eat because you know how important diet is to overall health. Take the worry out of making sure they get the appropriate amount of fiber by adding a ready to use, non-gritty dose of liquid fiber supplement for toddlers into any food or drink they like. Just like adults, kids sometimes need an extra boost of fiber in their diet to promote regularity and healthy digestion.

For healthy growth into preschool and beyond

One of the most important aspects of getting enough fiber is that it keeps the stomach and digestive tract working properly, which promotes healthy growth. However, the things that are highest in fiber, like broccoli, aren’t often high on the list of favorite foods for kids. Liquid fiber supplements provide a safe and easy way to get more bulk into your child’s meals. Yummy Fiber tastes good to even to the pickiest of eaters.

Easy online ordering

There are five ingredients in our supplement: maltodextrin fiber, chia (seed), inulin, acacia fiber and apple pectin. All provide an excellent, natural source of fiber in your child’s diet.

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