Getting more flexible as you get older

Whether you’re hitting that age yourself or watching your parents and grandparents have difficulty bending down to tie their shoes or getting out of a chair, getting more flexible should be a goal we all share. Why? Because as we age, our tendons become more rigid, and muscles and joints have more difficulty moving. The result is that simple tasks like picking up something your dropped or even jumping out of bed in the morning get harder and more painful.

Most of us know the benefits of working out — better cardiovascular health, strength, and weight loss to name a few. But making time for stretching at least three times per week is just as important. Increasing flexibility helps you feel more comfortable and experience less pain as you move through the day.

As we age, it’s possible to incorporate lifestyle habits that will make our later years more productive and enjoyable. Fitness is one of the most effective, and you will be better able to perform physical activities when you focus on flexibility as well.

It’s possible

Does the idea of increasing flexibility with age sound like an oxymoron? Surely we’ve all seen senior citizens who are so stiff that they’ve given up even attempting to turn their necks to look for traffic when changing lanes or backing out of a parking space. The reality is, however, that doesn’t have to be you. There are plenty of ways to achieve increased flexibility regardless of your age.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, and numerous other stretching programs can all help you to stay limber. Even spending twenty minutes in the morning after getting out of bed, putting your body through range of motion exercises can work. Regardless of what you choose, it’s all about sticking with it. If you perform flexibility exercises at least three to six days a week, the cumulative effect will amaze you.

Where to start

Choose a program that is easy for you to keep doing. If you’re not much for classes, commit to doing your stretching movements at home every day. The key to being successful is to pick something that works for you.

In addition, you can consider adding supplements to increase flexibility into your diet. A good choice is Silica Plus made by Vibrant Nutraceuticals. Silica is a naturally occurring mineral that works by strengthening and improving the flexibility of your connective tissues.

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