Nutraceutical products can enhance a healthy lifestyle

When you look up the word nutraceutical in the American dictionary, the definition given is the following: “A foodstuff (such as a fortified food or dietary supplement) that provides health benefits in addition to its basic nutritional value.” The category encompasses a large number of products that can enhance a healthy lifestyle, from yogurt containing live cultures and cereal fortified with vitamins to herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplements. 

The nutraceutical meaning, however, does vary depending on the country of origin. In the U.S., for example, the term nutraceutical is assigned by the seller instead of the governing body, the FDA. Because nutraceuticals are not evaluated by the FDA, it’s common to find discrepancies in quality, efficacy, and bioavailability among similar products that are made by different nutraceutical companies. 

This is why it’s important to look beyond the label and health benefit claim on a supplement, and research the company and what (if any) certifications, licenses, and accreditations they’ve earned. 

What kind of supplements should you take?

Several years ago, the National Institute of Health published a lengthy paper reviewing current research into nutraceutical products, and the part they play in both prevention and treatment of chronic health issues. The conclusion was that there are substantial physiological benefits to be gained from taking nutraceutical supplements: “Nutraceuticals may be used to improve health, delay the aging process, prevent chronic diseases, increase life expectancy or support the structure or function of the body.”

There are a large number of products available today that can improve both your quality of life now and slow some of the degenerative changes associated with aging. Examples include whey protein, which has been shown to fight age-related muscle loss, plant-based multivitamins that contain powerful polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables, which have been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and chondroitin and glucosamine that are thought to support joint health.

Why organic production is important

With nutraceuticals receiving greater interest in their use as both replacements or complements to pharmaceuticals, new companies are attracted into the market constantly. This is good because it provides consumers with more choices and bad because it can be difficult to discern the quality given the lack of government regulation. 

It’s our goal at Vibrant Nutraceuticals, along with all of the GHT companies, to provide the highest grade products on the market today. To that end, we’ve worked hard to acquire a number of prestigious certifications, including meeting the rigorous standards of environmental accountability required to be designated as a Certified Organic facility. 

In addition, all GHT company facilities and products meet the standards required to receive the prestigious accreditations as a FDA Registered and Gluten Free Facility. We’ve also received the following certifications: NSL cGMP certified, NSF Sports certified.

Research on nutraceuticals has pointed to the role they play in good health as well as in the prevention of chronic disease. You can be assured that you’re getting the best quality, clean, bioavailable products when you purchase from GHT companies.

New Concepts in Nutraceuticals as Alternative for Pharmaceuticals,