How to pack supplements for your trip

Travelling can be hard on the body and lower the immune system which leaves you more susceptible to getting sick. Many people combat the side effects of travelling with helpful supplements like melatonin for jet lag, B vitamins for energy, and probiotics for immune support. 

Whether it’s a new thing, or you’ve already got a daily regimen, you are welcome to bring supplements on the plane. Under TSA rules, it’s legal to bring an amount of supplements that is reasonable for personal use. A good rule of thumb is no more than a 90 day supply. It’s up to you whether to pack them in your checked luggage or carry on bag.

We recommend that you bring them in your carry on bag in case your checked suitcases don’t make it to the destination at the same time as you. That way you won’t miss a beat when you arrive.

No reason to leave them at home

Bringing supplements on your trip can help combat any unpleasant side effects of travel. It’s common to encounter some problems with digestion as a result of jet lag and eating unfamiliar foods. Supporting your intestinal health with digestive enzymes and probiotics can make the transition smoother. 

Flying, particularly long distances, can be exhausting and painful. Planes are not designed for passengers to stretch out and move their bodies, so it’s common to develop muscle cramps and body aches.

Additionally, once you reach your destination, chances are good you’ll be logging a lot of miles on your feet. Consider packing a natural form of pain relief, such as magnesium or turmeric, to ease the aches and combat inflammation.

Enjoy every moment of your trip

One of the most difficult parts of travelling is transitioning your body to a new time zone. Prescription sleep aids only leave you groggy, but you can fight jet lag naturally with Melatonin Gummies from Vibrant Nutraceuticals. Make sure when packing supplements for your trip, you have a good supply on hand. They provide gentle relief for temporary insomnia and jet lag and can help you with sleeping when you get where you’re going. 

Make the most of your trip by thinking ahead about the possible issues that you may encounter including digestive problems, trouble sleeping, aching muscles, and sapped energy. 

Vibrant Nutraceuticals carries a wide range of supplements that can help you feel better naturally so you can enjoy every minute of your trip.