Supplements for arthritis pain

Did you know that there are 360 joints in the human body? Many of the small joints are located in the hands and feet, and larger ones include, hips, knees, ankles and shoulders. Arthritis occurs when joints become swollen or painful due to repetitive use or disease. Your joints are working all the time, and not only when you’re up and moving around. Think of how much use your wrists and fingers get from using a computer or typing on a phone.

While statistically, people over 65 are more likely to suffer from problems with their joints, people of all ages can experience arthritis pain. This type of pain is a result of inflammation in one or more joints and ranges from a bothersome ache to debilitating pain.

There are steps you can take, including taking supplements for arthritis, that can help decrease the pain. Joint Muscle Plus from Vibrant Nutraceuticals is an example of a daily supplement that contains a number of essential ingredients, like glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM, and collagen, all of which help support the joints, muscles, and connective tissues in your body. Your doctor may also recommend a D3 supplement or turmeric for managing your symptoms.

Increasing your activity

Another tool that helps in decreasing arthritis pain is working out. Exercise is not only necessary for overall health, but it can be an effective way to reduce arthritis pain. Regular physical activity works to strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding your joints. The stronger these supporting structures are, the less stress is placed on the joint itself.

Increasing activity will also help you sleep better, increase bone strength, improve your energy level and balance, manage your weight, and provide endorphins, which enhance your state of mind.

Living with less pain

Dealing with the symptoms of arthritis can be a daily struggle. A lot of folks find the morning difficult, particularly getting out of bed when the body hasn’t moved or stretched for hours on end. Making some simple nutritional and lifestyle changes can help.

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