Supplements designed by Special Ops Marines

RuckPack was originally developed by Special Ops Marines to provide a single source of supplemental nutrition for troops in the battlefield. The idea for RuckPack Nutritional Supplements was conceived by Special Ops leader, Major Rob Dyer, and developed with the help of a hand-picked team of active duty Marines. While on tour in Afghanistan, Dyer realized that his troops were having difficulty recovering from grueling missions during which they needed to stay alert for extended periods of time.

Major Dyer’s goal was to produce a single source vitamin and energy shot that was capable of delivering maximum performance and was caffeine-free. RuckPack was tested and used by Marines fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Today, RuckPack is available as a supplemental drink for athletes and active individuals and is perfect for an energy boost, to help with endurance, and to enhance brain activity for students and professionals. RuckPack’s Muscle Maintenance Blend helps to rapidly fuel muscles in order to enhance post-workout recovery. It promotes antioxidant production which is needed to ensure muscle maintenance.

In the form of an energy shot

RuckPack is an energy boosting drink that is formulated from all-natural ingredients that are safe and effective. Its healthy formula works to boost energy, endurance, and focus. Unlike other energy boosters, Ruckpack features SmartMuscleTM Science which is a blend of amino acids — tyrosine, taurine, and theanine plus CoQ10 and the choline Alpha GPC — that are safe, natural brain-enhancing ingredients.

Together, these nutrients give you a good pre-workout energy shot, enhance your cognitive functioning and coordination while alleviating fatigue. You get the power needed by Marines in one 3oz shot without artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

3 oz. Ruck Pack shots

Vibrant Nutraceuticals’ Caffeinated RuckPack Strawberry Assault is made from all natural ingredients, but also includes 120mg of natural caffeine sourced from green tea. This energy supplement made by Marines for combat nutrition, is now available to elite athletes and active people who are looking for an energy supplement that will give them an energy boost, improve endurance and post-workout muscle recovery, all in one great tasting shot.

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