Can supplements really help with jet lag?

Is jet lag real? You’ve probably heard that term thrown around for years now, but unless you’ve done a lot of travelling, you may not be aware of the numerous effects that changing time zones can have on your body. And jet lag is a phenomena that isn’t only associated with international travel. In fact, flying across the continental U.S., with only a maximum time difference of three hours from coast to coast, is likely to have you experiencing jet lag for a few days after arrival.

Jet lag originates in the nerve cells of the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that has not evolved enough to account for air travel. The hypothalamus is responsible for sleep, body temperature, circadian rhythms and hunger. Because it adjusts slowly, you can experience up to five days of symptoms such as trouble falling asleep or waking up, GI distress, disorientation and pain and swelling in your muscles and joints.

You can make the most of your travel by heading off jet lag from the start. Proper nutrition, exercise, exposure to natural sunlight, and supplements are all ways to reduce the amount of time it takes for your body to become acclimated to your new surroundings.

A little melatonin goes a long way

One of the biggest problems with changing time zones is the different daylight hours. Your body uses light to determine a sleep pattern. The morning light signals that it’s time to be awake, and lack of light at night signals bedtime. One way to prepare for a different time zone is to start adjusting the time you go to bed and get up, one hour at a time, in the days leading up to your trip.

Another way to help your body adjust is to get outside for a period of exercise each morning upon arrival. The movement and exposure to sunlight work in conjunction to convince your brain that this is now the time to wake up and produce energy for the day ahead.

Finally, fighting jet lag with supplements that act naturally to reduce swelling, like pine bark, and help you fall asleep, such as melatonin, are both natural/non-pharmaceutical ways to acclimate your body to the time change.

Make the most of your travel

Vibrant Nutraceuticals has developed melatonin gummies to provide travelers with the option of using a healthy supplement for sleep. Melatonin helps you fight jet lag by encouraging your body to fall asleep at the correct time. Because it is a naturally occurring substance within your body, taking melatonin will not result in a “sedative hangover” the next morning, like commonly prescribed sleep medications. Instead, you’ll wake up feeling a renewed energy for the sight-seeing and other experiences you have planned for the day ahead.