Top 3 benefits of silica supplements

The numerous benefits of taking silica supplements relate to the fact that silica is required for healthy collagen production. Collagen is the main protein found in skin and is often referred to as the “glue” that holds us together. Because silica decreases as we grow older, collagen production slows down which results in many of the degenerative changes we chalk up to age, like thinning hair, poor skin quality, loss of flexibility, and more.

Taking silica supplements helps the body to restore collagen production which can give you healthier looking skin and prevent wrinkles. But these are just the benefits of silica that we can observe from the outside. Silica is also vital to bone growth and density because it is required to produce the collagen matrix inside bone into which calcium is deposited. Adding silica to your diet can help protect your bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Your teeth, another part of the skeletal structure, also need silica to stay strong. Silica helps to generate new enamel and, along with collagen, prevents gum bleeding and disease. Taking a silica supplement helps protect your teeth and gums from declining with age.

Even more

Silica can improve joint health by enhancing connective tissues. In fact, research has revealed that people who suffer from degenerative muscular-skeletal problems, such as arthritis and rheumatism, are likely to be deficient in silica. If you’re lucky enough not to suffer joint disease, silica supplements can contribute to stronger cartilage and tendons which will help you maintain flexibility and range of motion. 

You may have heard of the benefits of silica as it relates to hair and nails. Silica is a big component in hair, and, over time, the lack of this element can leave your hair brittle and dull. Adding it back into your diet can help improve the overall look of your hair, and as collagen production is increased, your nails will also become stronger. 

Perhaps one of the most important functions of silica is the role it plays in heart health. Silica contributes to the elasticity of the aortic walls, protecting them from hardening, a serious cardiovascular issue. 

Get more silica

The reason so many people are turning to silica supplements is that we don’t get enough through our diet anymore. It used to be present in large quantities in the soil where crops were grown, and the plants would absorb plenty of it as they grew.

Unfortunately, over-farming and chemicals used in crop growth have resulted in a significant drop in the level of silica in soil. Since it is so important to overall health, it’s become necessary to take silica in supplement form.

An excellent option is the Silica Plus dietary supplement from Vibrant Nutraceuticals. It comes from natural sources and is formulated to be easily absorbed and usable to the body. It will take a few months to realize all of the benefits, but we think you’ll be amazed.