Training for a college sports career?

Regardless of age, if you want to be at the top of your sport, nutrition plays an important role in your success. Particularly when training for college sports, every advantage you can gain over your competitors is key. For example, studies have shown that taking in pure whey protein isolate within 20 minutes of a hard workout aids in the process of repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue. Young athletes should consider adding a supplement such as FlexFitPro which contains only high quality, pure whey protein isolate, is extremely low in sugar and fats, and includes the amino acids vital to maintaining peak physical condition.

Additionally, if like most student athletes, you’re constantly on the go, you could benefit from an easy-to-take supplement that provides a dose of mental and physical energy. When you hit that mid-afternoon lull, but you need the get-up-and-go to give your best performance in practice or a game, consider one of the quick energy boost products from Vibrant Nutraceuticals such as a Raspberry Grenade or Strawberry Assault flavored RuckPack.

Preparation is only part of the battle

How can a product initially developed for Special Ops Marines who needed to maintain their physical and mental alertness in the field help you with the process of training for college sports? Available in a convenient 3 oz. shot, the RuckPack high performance supplements contain high quality ingredients like B vitamins, vital amino acids, and natural caffeine derived from green tea. They function as a brain enhancer and energy booster.

The benefits these products provided to soldiers in the field led researchers to discover their effectiveness for elite athletes. Both groups gain advantages from the boost to cognitive functioning and energy derived from RuckPack supplements.

Staying a step ahead

Every time an athlete graduates to a higher level of competition like going from taking part in high school athletics to training for NCAA sports, they need to use every possible advantage to stay on the top of their game. To do this, they must promote healthy living by eating a good diet which includes paying attention to getting the nutrients necessary to increase muscle growth and improve lean body mass.

Vibrant Nutraceuticals is dedicated to providing supplements that help people feel better and perform at their highest level. Read more about the science behind our pure, effective supplements on the website, and commit to being the best version of yourself.