There are plenty of vitamins without gelatin

Gelatin is a very common ingredient used to coat vitamin capsules. It’s has no known side effects, smell or taste, and coats the pill to make it easier to swallow. However, gelatin is made from boiling the bones, ligaments, and tendons of animals such as pigs and cows, and therefore, does not work for vegetarians, vegans, and those following Islamic dietary laws. The good news is that Vibrant Nutraceuticals (VN) offers high quality gelatin free vitamins so you don’t have to worry about ingesting any animal byproducts with your daily supplements.

If you’ve committed to a lifestyle free of meat and, in some cases dairy, you know that taking vitamins is an important step in making sure you receive proper nutrition despite your dietary limitations. In addition, recent studies have concluded that even people who eat meat and dairy can be low in Vitamin B12 and D3. The population, as a whole, is simply not getting enough of these two very essential vitamins. However, it can be a challenge to find a good supplement that is vegan.

The best vitamins for vegetarians and vegans are those that are 100% plant sourced. Vibrant Nutraceuticals Vegan Vitamin D3 + B12 are free of animal byproducts — both on the inside and outside of the supplement.

Yes, even the gummy bear kind

It’s a well known fact that kids have a much easier time chewing and swallowing gummy bear vitamins than those that are in pill form. The truth is many adults find this method of delivery to be preferable as well. On this, VN can agree. We offer our all natural supplements in gummy bear form to make the whole experience easier for kids and adults alike.

Our gummy bear vitamins help you to get essential vitamins that may be lacking in your diet without the gelatin.

Vegans, rejoice

Vibrant Nutraceutical products make it possible for vegans and vegetarians to take supplements without having to be concerned that they are ingesting animal byproducts. Our vitamins are high quality, all natural, and plant based. No gelatins are used in making our vegan vitamins. Check out the easy online ordering process and get your B12 gummies for vegans today.