What is Vitamin K good for?

Vitamin K plays a key role in helping your blood clot, which prevents excessive bleeding. While you may think of it as a single vitamin, vitamin K is actually a term that refers to a group of related compounds known as naphthoquinones, including vitamins K, K1, K2, and K3. One of the most obvious benefits of consuming more vitamin K is to improve your blood health, but there are other advantages of getting enough of this nutrient.

Vitamin K assists in the process of transporting calcium through your body which is important to bone health. Getting enough vitamin K can help reduce the chances of osteopenia, a lowering of bone density. It may also help prevent calcification or hardening of the arteries. When arteries harden and lose their elasticity, blood flow can become constricted and contribute to the incidence of heart attacks and stroke.

The vitamin you never hear about

Have you been told that you need to “eat your greens”? Turns out there’s a legitimate reason behind that statement. With all the important roles that this grouping of compounds known commonly as vitamin K plays, it’s important to get an adequate supply. And, vitamin K1 is found predominantly in leafy green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, kale, swiss chard, and others. K1 is the compound associated with healthy blood clotting, so if you notice it takes a long time to stop bleeding from a cut or you seem to bruise often and easily, you may be deficient.

Vitamin K2, which is helpful in maintaining healthy bones, can be obtained from specific foods that are synthesized by bacteria. Some good examples include fermented dairy like yogurt, cheese, and fermented soy products such as miso. Taking good quality supplements with vitamin K in them is another excellent way make sure you’re getting an adequate supply.

Get more Vitamin K

Although it is not talked about as much as other common vitamin deficiencies such as B12 and D3, vitamin K deficiency can cause a host of health problems. Including food and supplements with vitamin K in your daily dietary regimen can be integral to optimizing blood and bone health among other benefits.

Sometimes it seems like you need to take about ten daily vitamins to protect yourself from becoming deficient in any of the essential ones. And, the idea of swallowing all of those capsules or chalky pills can be very unappetizing.

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