Systemic Enzymes for Muscle Recovery

If you exercise regularly, muscle pain and soreness are nothing new. This soreness usually occurs when people work out for the first time in a while, add a new movement into their workout routine that uses muscles they don’t typically exercise or increase the weight/intensity of their workouts.




Muscle pain after a workout is actually the result of inflammation within the afflicted muscles. 


When we work out, the muscles responsible for that movement undergo “stress” to exert the strength needed to complete the activity. After enough stress on the same muscles, they become inflamed as they try to recover the hours and days following that activity.


That being said, there is a solution that may actually help your muscles recover faster and with lessened soreness: systemic enzymes


What Are Systemic Enzymes?

Systemic enzymes, also called metabolic enzymes, are responsible for every process in your body: muscle movements, immune response, fighting infection, brain function, and more. In fact, every single cell in our bodies, in every tissue and organ, uses enzymes for building and repair.


How Do Systemic Enzymes Improve Recovery?

After an injury or the stress on our muscles after an intense workout, inflammatory molecules rush in to fight off any possible infection and give that area extra blood flow. However, this inflammation is what causes the soreness in your muscles after a workout, and too much inflammation can actually slow down the healing process.


The longer it takes to control the inflammation, the longer it takes to heal and rebuild those muscles. This is where the role of systemic enzymes comes in, as they may help reduce inflammation and speed up your body’s ability to heal.


How Do I Increase My Systemic Enzymes?

The best way to increase your body’s level of systemic enzymes is to take a supplement. 


We provide easy-to-use Active Systemic Enzymes that act as an all-natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. In addition, these enzymes may also help to reduce cholesterol, support heart health, and boost immune response.


Each of the 60 capsules per serving contains a unique combination of enzymes that work synergistically, including amla, rutin, papain, and many more, to support your body’s natural healing process. 


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