What is aloe vera extract good for?

It’s easy to distinguish an aloe vera plant by its short stem and thick, spiny leaves. The plant stores water inside the leaves which results in a thick gel that has been used for centuries as a homeopathic remedy for a number of things.

Today, you can find the extract in products made by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. There are a wide range of reported aloe vera benefits when used both as a topical agent and in supplement form. So, what is it good for?

Aloe vera is used to treat burns by rubbing the gel directly on the skin. One study concluded that on average, aloe vera reduces the healing time of a first or second degree burn by nine days. When used as a patch to treat canker sores, it’s also effective at reducing the time it takes to heal as well as the resulting pain.

The latex, a sticky yellow substance found under the leaves of the plant, has been used for many years to treat constipation when taken orally. Another benefit of aloe vera gel supplementation is its effectiveness in lowering blood glucose levels.

Pick one or several reasons!

Whether taken orally or applied topically, aloe vera can help combat a number of different conditions. As a skin treatment, a cream containing the gel can be effective in treating psoriasis, minor burns and abrasions, seborrhea, radiation induced skin sores, and dandruff.

When contained in a supplement, people with type 2 diabetes can use the extract to help manage their blood sugar. And, there is evidence that it can even lower cholesterol.

Start with supplements

Supplements with aloe vera can provide many benefits, and while there no set guidelines regarding how much and how long to use it for the best results, there are some general recommendations. For example, for constipation, some people will use around 50 mg daily until the problem is resolved.

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