What is the best gummy vitamin on the market?

Do you hate swallowing pills or capsules? Do you feel them going all the way down and then sitting in your stomach like a pile of rocks? You’re not alone which is why so many people get their daily dose of vitamins in an easy to ingest and digest gummy vitamin.

Gummies are not only available in formulations specifically for kids. Since the RDA changes with age, an adult will not get the proper dose of vitamins if they take one that is made for children. Vibrant Nutraceuticals offers essential vitamins in gummy form that work for the entire family.

The VN goal is to make the best gummy vitamin, beginning with the fact that we do not include gelatin in our supplements. Gelatin, commonly found in capsules and gummy products, is an animal byproduct. Therefore, it does not comply with vegetarian or vegan diets and can have side effects for those who have allergies to such ingredients.

There might not be one answer

Many of us object to the taste of gelatin in capsule coatings and gummy products. On top of ease of swallowing, gummy vitamins have flavor benefits. They taste so good that you forget you’re taking a nutritional supplement.

The typical American diet falls short on several key nutrients, namely B12 and D3. But this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to take the same dose of supplements. Depending on your needs, you may need to adjust how much your taking. VN offers different vitamins for different people. We give you the option of choosing between various dose amounts to fit your particular dietary needs.

Avoiding animal byproducts

We set out to create the best gummy vitamin without animal byproducts. Regardless of whether you follow a strict vegan diet or are interested in supplements made from clean, plant-based ingredients, VN products fill the bill. Our no gelatin gummy vitamins are made with pure vegan ingredients and contain no artificial additives.

Browse the Vibrant Nutraceuticals website to learn more about the unique plant source we use to provide top quality nutritional supplements. We give you the convenient option to buy online and have the products delivered right to your front door.