Have a constipated, picky toddler?

Few things are more common and less enjoyable than mealtime battles with a toddler who is a picky eater. Some kids, admittedly a small percentage, will eat anything put in front of them, but others land on a few acceptable flavors/textures and refuse all else. Other than being inconvenient, picky eating habits can lead to bigger problems. As adults, we’re well aware that our bodies function best when we eat a varied diet, replete with whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

When faced with a constipated toddler, it’s therefore natural for us to assume a direct connection to their eating habits. We conclude that they’re not getting enough fluids, particularly water, and high fiber foods. And, thus the struggle over what they eat begins as well as the battles over going to the bathroom.

Maybe eating isn’t the answer

So is it as simple as forcing high fiber foods on your child? Pediatricians are beginning to suspect that there may be more to constipated picky eaters than dietary habits alone. Sometimes, the problem actually may work the other way around.

A child who suffers from abdominal pain, possibly associated with a physiological issue or even food allergies, may shy away from eating because they have cramping and pain. Or, a kid who experiences difficulty having a bowel movement may begin delaying or holding in the B.M., exacerbating the issue even more.

Rather than trying to force particular foods on your constipated picky eaters, consider alternative ways to get them to consume more fiber and soften stools. Fiber solutions for toddlers, such as Yummy Fiber from Vibrant Nutraceuticals, can be added to the foods or drinks you child favors without them ever having to eat something they consider undesirable.

Another option to consider

Constipation in toddlers can be painful for the child and the parents. Have you already tried to change the routine by providing a fiber powder for toddlers only to have them reject it out of hand? The gritty texture and flavor can give it away.

Yummy Fiber comes in a convenient liquid, mild tasting form that is easily disguised. Picky eaters won’t even notice they’re giving their bodies the boost of fiber they need to relieve painful constipation.