Typical milestones for your 18 month old toddler

We measure our baby’s age in months instead of years because they grow and change at lightning speed during this stage of life. The amount of development in a single month can be astounding, like going from using 20-30 words to talking in full sentences. It’s important to understand, however, that you should not be focused on exactly when your child will hit the expected milestones for 18 month old toddlers. Although there are generally accepted guidelines, it’s perfectly normal for children to begin learning language and other skills at their own pace.

When you take your baby in for their regular check-up with the pediatrician, they should be gaining weight steadily throughout the first year. However, by 18 months they usually have the hang of walking, and it’s natural to thin out a bit as they start exploring the world around them. The round, chubby face that you’re used to will most likely start revealing more of your child’s bone structure. And, their features will change again when they start getting teeth, which can happen anywhere from as early as 3 months to as late as 12 months or older.

Daily, weekly changes

Don’t worry if your child is developing physical or intellectual skills at what seems to be below the average when compared to other babies around him. Remember, every day brings new surprises when it comes to toddlers. Sometimes they develop in small increments, and other times it happens in one giant step.

You might be surprised to know that some of the most gifted folks, such famous pianist Arthur Rubinstein, Nobel Laureate Gary Becker, and physicist Richard Feynman were all delayed speakers.Even if your child is late to walking or talking, he will most likely end up growing into a perfectly healthy and adapted adult.

Keeping up with your kid

The most important part of language development is communication. Read, sing, and talk to your kid as often as possible. Children are the great imitators which means they’re always looking to you for the chance to learn. When it comes to physical health, make sure your toddler gets regular check-ups and eats a proper diet.

If your little one is particularly resistant to eating their greens, consider adding a fiber supplement for toddlers like Yummy Fiber to boost their intake. And, above all else, enjoy this time because it will go by before you know it.