Why you shouldn’t quit supplements cold turkey

Why you shouldn’t quit supplements cold turkey

Whether it was in the doctor’s office or at your family’s kitchen table, you have probably been told at least once to “take your vitamins!” In fact, the importance of taking vitamins is emphasized so often that perhaps you’ve forgotten the reason why they’re so important and what may happen if you stop taking them.

In a nutshell, vitamins are meant to promote overall health. Some may target a certain need such as low iron or thin hair. Others support well-being through stabilizing moods or boosting the body’s immune system.

For most people, vitamins are only a recommendation, but there are certain groups that should have a daily vitamin regimen. If you have a vitamin deficiency or are a vegan or vegetarian, you would fall into the latter category. By having a daily supplement intake of vitamins, you’ll be able to recover your nutrients without consuming exorbitant amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Depending upon your needs, the benefits of your supplements will vary, but one constant is that you’ll enjoy a stable well-being that can only be gotten through consistent and balanced nutrition.

However, once you start, you must remain committed since you shouldn’t quit supplements cold turkey. Triggering a myriad of withdrawal symptoms, quitting supplements cold turkey will release a chain-reaction of negatives at your body’s expense.

Supplement withdrawal

Though often linked to harmful substances such as drugs, withdrawal simply refers to the body’s response to a major change such as diet. By quitting supplements cold turkey, your body will also experience a major change in a short amount of time. As a result, you will most likely experience supplement withdrawal symptoms which may include:

  • Compromised immune system that is vulnerable to illness
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Depression
  • Physical weakness
  • Increased or decreased appetite
  • Mental “fogginess”
  • Sudden shifts in mood

Some of these symptoms may be long-lasting but, fortunately, can be remedied by resuming daily supplements. Supplement withdrawal is a serious concern when taking vitamins and is a large reason why you should never stop taking supplements cold turkey.

Healthier solutions

The best prevention for supplement withdrawal is preparation. By doing your research to find reputable, established, healthier supplements, you will have a go-to resource for all your health needs.

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