What nobody tells you about toddlers

Toddlers are children between the ages of one and three years old who have just begun walking. It’s an age in which they’re making huge leaps and bounds in the areas of cognitive, emotional, and social development. They’re like little sponges, soaking in knowledge and making progress toward perceiving and understanding so much about the world around them. What nobody tells you about toddlers is that, while they still seem like babies, they’re actually growing up right in front of your eyes.

Language development is also a big part of the toddler stage. They begin talking at different times, however, so it’s fruitless to compare one to another. Some children will start slowly, building their vocabulary one word at a time, while others might remain relatively quiet until they start talking in sentences overnight.

They grow up so fast

Because so much development is going on during the toddler years, it can be exhausting as a parent to deal with the rapid changes. For example, potty training can present unanticipated challenges. When babies wear diapers, it’s less difficult when they experience digestive issues like diarrhea. When they begin using the toilet, however, they often don’t understand what the feeling of urgency indicates, resulting in a potty accident. Constipation is also a common issue which can leave the child feeling cranky and fussy without knowing why.

It’s not uncommon, as well, for children to have problems sleeping during the toddler years. Perhaps they’ve recently been moved out of a crib and discover that they can get out of bed and go into their parent’s room during the night. Or, they have bad dreams and don’t understand the difference between something happening in a dream as opposed to real life.

Taking one day at a time

The best approach to the challenging toddler years is to try to live in the moment. Taking it one day at a time, whether it’s your first child or your fifth, will help take the worry out of raising them. And, use all the tools available to you to make things easier. For example, since toddlers tend to be extremely choosy about what they eat, they often skip over the all-important food that prevent constipation such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

The folks at Vibrant Nutraceuticals are here to help. We’ve developed a supplement called Yummy Fiber that specifically targets this issue. It’s a liquid fiber supplement for toddlers that will keep their digestive systems running smoothly despite their picky eating habits.

What nobody tells you about toddlers is that every day is a revelation. Boys and girls at this age will constantly surprise you with the things they say and do. Your job as a parent is to keep them safe and comfortable and enjoy the ride. When tummy problems disrupt their lives, consider adding Yummy Fiber to their daily routine because every parent needs a little help now and again.