Prunus Mume: Ingredients for Liver Health

All around us, nature provides medicinal solutions in forms of flowering plants and ripened fruit. One such gift from Mother Nature comes in the form of a lesser-known fruit from the prunus mume trees, originating from China and Korea, but also cultivated in Japan and Britain. 


The prunus mume fruit, more commonly known as the Japanese Apricot, was largely seen as ornamental for hundreds of years. It comes surrounded by beautiful leaves and pink and white fragrant flowers, but people have described the taste of the fruit itself to be quite bitter and unpleasant. 


Despite this, researchers have found over the past few decades that while prunus mume may not be the best addition to your next fruit salad, its extract provides a number of health benefits.


Prunus Mume Health Benefits

  • Antioxidant: Helps defend our cells from harmful molecules
  • Anti Inflammatory: Reduces swelling and inflammation around the body
  • Supports liver functionality


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