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Healthy joints let you do the activities that you enjoy — walking, running, jumping, playing sports. There are a number of things that you can do to keep your joints healthy such as regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, keeping your weight within the recommended range, and avoiding injuries. But over time, every day wear and tear can result in common bone and joint problems. Supplements can provide the essential ingredients needed to support and maintain healthy joints, muscles, and connective tissue.


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The foundation of a healthy body is a diet that is low in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. The U.S.D.A. and the Department of Health and Human Services recommends a diet consisting of 3-5 serving of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruit per day along with whole-grain breads and cereals. Foods rich in fiber help to promote good digestive health. Fruits and vegetables contain polyphenols which are powerful flavonoid antioxidents which offer protection against cellular damage from free radicals. Unfortunately, we can’t always get the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, and fiber in our day to day diet, so supplements can play an important role in ensuring that we do.



Children need different amounts of essential nutrients as they grow and develop into adults. Good nutrition is vital to optimizing physical and mental development from infancy through the teen years. But, it’s not always easy to get kids to eat healthy, so it’s important to consider supplements as a way to make sure that they’re getting the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to promote good digestive health, as well as promoting and supporting all systems within their developing bodies.


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Antioxidants are your body’s major line of defense against free radicals which cause cellular damage. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of antioxidants, and the recommended daily intake is 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit. Supplements can give your body an added boost of antioxidants and amino acids which help your body to fight off the damage caused by free radicals and aid in the formation of proteins which are essential for maintaining a healthy body.


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NOTE: See our Vegan Life Nutrition brand site for a whole line of Vegan products!

A vegan diet is one based upon the consumption of plant-based foods only, and is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. But, vegans need to add supplements to their daily routine to make sure that they do not become deficient in essential vitamins such as D3 and B12 as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Vegan supplements are a great option because the vitamins and minerals all come from plant-based sources. Vegan supplements are also a healthy choice for non-vegans who are concerned about the additives in other types of supplements.


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Whether you’re a professional athlete in training or working out at the local gym several times a week, you want to be able to reach your training goals. Supplements can help get you there with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, the building blocks of proteins that give you that much-needed energy boost and help you to focus on your workout goals.