Everything You Need to Know About Clear Gums, Our NEW Natural Histamine Blockers

natural histamine blockerOne of the most important things to remember during the Spring and Summer is that you don’t have to turn to intense drugs when you have a runny nose or itchy eyes. Natural histamine blockers are fantastic, and here at Vibrant Nutraceuticals, we want to help you understand the process and intended application behind our histamine blocker, Clear Gum


Why Choose Natural Histamine Blockers?

Clear is gluten-free, cruelty-free, and drug-free, carefully researched and packed with a proven blend of raw ingredients. In a tablet of Clear Gum, you will find a proprietary quail egg powder blend, zinc, and a small group of supporting ingredients like spirulina and stevia to make the gum tasty. With this natural histamine blocker, you won’t ever have to wonder what chemicals or obscure ingredients you’re putting in your body. 


Quail Egg Powder is Spring’s Best Kept Secret 

Do you have questions about the quail egg blend? We admit that it’s not what comes to mind when you think of histamine support. However, through years of careful research and many studies, quail egg powder has been scientifically proven to contain histamine-blocking properties. Because of its global recognition for seasonal sniffle sufferers, Vibrant Nutraceuticals created this fast-acting histamine-blocking gum with quail egg powder as its primary active ingredient. 


How Effective is Clear Gum?

Clear Gum can start supporting healthy histamine levels as early as 15 minutes after chewing and the effects can last up to two hours. We recommend taking it with you to your kids’ outdoor practices, to the theme park, or even on a solo hike so you can have support whenever and wherever you need it. 


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